Your Solution MAKER

for Business Process Outsourcing


As B2B and B2C companies in the international area, you gain from highly automated business processes.
In dialogue with the debtor we supply all debit-related processes, from one source. Our solutions are maximally transparent. The success of Diagonal GmbH is based on two pillars. Efficient, linked IT and human contact with the end customer.
We pursue your objectives relentlessly and yet remain human. In addition, we are maximally transparent and individual. Therefore, from all our modules we choose those that will suit you exactly.

Technical high-end services are our passion – and your big advantage. For, with our high-performance linked IT solutions, which are oriented towards “state of the art”, we can process your orders reliably and quickly. Our processes run smoothly. Day by day, we manage enormous data and order volumes. A high degree of automation helps in debt collection processing.

We pursue your objectives persistently and relentlessly – and yet we act as humans when dealing with debtors. Due to our long experience in business we know what there is to do. We have the crucial factors for success.


Invoices, Reminders, Bookkeeping, Printing, Telephone communications, Address identification – state-of-the-art


Debt collection service

Europe is several thousand kilometres away. Insolvency does not mean “no money”. It’s not possible for you to carry out long-term monitoring and payment by instalments. We will do that for you.



Company headquarters in Germany? We may be able to offer you factoring for all your invoices.


Legal enforcement

Sometimes, circumstances require strict measures. We will undertake this for you.


Long-term monitoring

We check at regular intervals whether money is again available. Due to the most up-to-date facilities we find out when debtors might have money again.


IT services

With Diagonal you benefit from a uniquely high degree of automation. Technical solutions that you can only find with us. Real-time credit assessment. Data enhancement and correction.